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“Our vision is to create the best courses in the world for people who want to learn how to play Irish traditional music”.

Trad Success offers you the opportunity to finally succeed at learning how to play a musical instrument using our revolutionary teaching techniques. Our step-by-step Free YouTube Video Tutorials will walk you through how to play many Traditional Irish instruments, songs and tunes. You can download a wide range of our Free PDFs as well as buy Selected PDFs from as little as €0.99! We also offer PDF Books for various instruments too!

  • Free access to all of our Video Tutorials on YouTube 24 hours a day!
  • You can watch any of our YouTube Video Tutorials on various devices as many times as you wish!
  • Free PDF downloads to many of our video tutorials including diagrams, chords, notes, exercise sheets, strumming patterns and much more!
  • Option to buy Specially Designed PDFs of songs and tunes for as little as €0.99 each!
  • Option to buy Specially Designed PDF Books of different instruments.
  • No contracts!
  • Follow the lyrics, chords and notes so you won’t get lost or confused.
  • Incredibly easy to progress due to our easy incremental steps.
  • Option of viewing clips and playing along at different speeds to aid learning.
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Guitar Songs PDFs

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“My dad was always saying that he’d love to play Irish music so my siblings and I bought him the Guitar Songs PDF Book Course with Trad Success for his birthday. He said it’s the best gift he’s ever got. He loves playing along with the free videos on YouTube and he also loves playing his songs for us. It’s great to see him enjoying learning how to play the guitar. He loves the way that he can follow the lyrics and how he can print off PDFs of the chords and songs from his PDF Book. He says he’ll be playing at Carnegie Hall soon!”

David O’Shea, (aged 22)
“After a hard day at work I love to come home and play my ukulele for a half an hour to an hour, as it helps me to unwind and relax. My friends can’t believe how good I am as I never played an instrument before. I also love playing my ukulele at parties. It’s a great hobby. I’ll definitely move on next to learning the guitar songs course next year after my success at learning the ukulele. Thanks Walsh Brothers!”
Brian Murphy, (aged 28)

“I can’t believe how much time and money I wasted going to different classes trying to learn the ukulele. Some tutors moved too fast through the course and if I missed a lesson, I found it hard to catch up. I like how the Walsh Brothers’ lessons are so clear and easy to understand and I love the fact that I can revisit and watch the lessons as many times as I want for free on YouTube. I’m amazed at how easy I’m finding the course. I can already play 15 songs on the ukulele and I can’t wait to learn more songs.”

Mary O’Neill, (aged 42)

“I always said I’d love to be able to play a musical instrument one day, but between work commitments and family life I never seemed to get the time. Now that I have recently retired, I tried the Guitar Songs Course with Trad Success. I can’t believe how fast I was able to progress through the lessons. If the Walsh Brothers can teach someone like me then they can teach anyone. Being able to play a musical instrument has been the highlight of my retirement to date!”

John O’ Mahony , (aged 65)


Why is Trad Success the right choice for you? “The Walsh Brothers have spent many years mastering the art of playing many different musical instruments in the Traditional Irish Music Style. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching these instruments, in their unique uncomplicated innovative style, is now available to students worldwide through their dedicated online courses.”
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